Best Happy New Year 2018 Wishes

Best Happy New Year Wishes : Best Happy New Year Wishes 2018 are all about warmth, friendship and trust that will definitely touch the heart of those who are being wished. Happy New Year Wishes can be extremely handy if you wish to add a personal touch into a store bought greeting cards by scribbling a few lines in your own hand or you might email or text these in your friends or family or use social media likefacebook, twitter, instagram to wish Happy New Year 2018.


Best Happy New Year Wishes 2018

Most of us go to New Year’s party at with all the favorite people with sparkling decorations, candles, sumptuous food, where guests keep taking photos, keep dancing to crazy, loud noisemakers, and enjoy mouthwatering appetizers and raise toasts with champagne and gorge on midnight supper. This has been a relatable scenario for many and most of us have thought that’s how one should be spending the first day of every New Year. Well, that is not mandatory. And here’s new ways of spending the happy New Year 2018.

We have compiled the best New Year 2018 Wishes,  New Year Quotes, New Year Messages, New Year Images, New Year Songs, New Year Videos, New year Greetings, New Year Sayings and so on for all your near and dear ones, I think you will surely find the ideal New Year wishes for your friends, your dear girlfriend/boyfriend, teachers, co-workers or your business partners and beloved family. Send them your New Year well wishes via email, SMS or text, message in whats app or facebook, anyways you would like to prefer but do surely spread your message and wishes to them.

#50 Best Happy New Year Wishes

So, here are #50 best happy new year wishes for you to share with you to share with all your close friends and family on social site or on whats app, actually whatever you like.

  • Nights will be dark but days will be light, wish your life to be always bright – Happy New Year.
  • As this year is ending, I wish all the negativity and difficulties also end with this year and 2018 bring success and desired results for you.
  • This New Year I wish you to have courage to fight for your dreams and also blessings of Almighty to help you emerge winner as you strive.
  • Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.
  • Knowing you has been a master class in true friendship. During the New Year, I hope to emulate your love and warmth. Wishing you a very Happy New Year.
  • May the year be brighter than the one gone by enveloped in goodness and well being, bliss and endowments.
  • Let my New Year Message be a carrier of good luck for you for the coming year! Wishing you a great and rocking New Year 2018!
  • Wishing you all good things on this New Year! Have fun, joy, peace, love, care, luck and success ahead.
  • To a joyful present and a well remembered past. Best wishes for Happy Holidays and a magnificent New Year.
  • You will find the most appreciated wishes for New Year here, take your time and select the wishes that you find most fit for your purpose to greet your circle.

New Year Wishes Messages

  • May the coming year bless you with life’s every wealth.
  • Let the fairy tale of the New year. Bring you so much joy and happiness that would be enough for every day of the coming year.
  • Here is wishing a very happy and prosperous New Year to a person who brings sunshine to the family always.
  • Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.
  • May the New Year give you the strength to face the challenges of life and courage to adjust the sail so as to take every situation to your stride.
  • For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.
  • The New Year gives you fresh 365 days to play with – fill them up with whatever your heart desires so that you have no regrets at the end of the annual cycle.
  • Cheers to the New Year. May it be a unforgettable one. Happy New Year
  • Another year has passed, another year has come. I wish for you that, with every year, you achieve all of your dreams. May God pour love and care on you. Happy New Year 2018 to you
  • May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity. Wishing you a joyous new year

New Year Wishes For Friends

  • This year has come to an end and it will take away all the pain and mistakes. Now you have a brand new beginning to look forward to. Happy New Years, with love from all of us.
  • Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.
  • Thank you for all the hilarious moments we had together in this year and I hope we will have lots of them in the upcoming year too!
  • I wish that the New Year turns out to be a very special one for you filling each day with peak of health, abundance of happiness and sunshine, bountiful luxury and prosperity and Zen like serenity.
  • Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.
  • Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.
  • Time is like a flowing river, no water passes beneath your feet twice, much like the river, moments never pass you by again, so cherish every moment that life gives you and have a wonderful New Year 2018
  • I wish that this New Year the light of faith is bright and steady and may no wind or storm make it flicker or flutter.
  • Although I’m not with you but my wishes will always stay with you on this New Year 2018. Happy New Year
  • I wish you Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart. May God give you the happiness and strength to overcome your past year failures.

Unique New Year Wishes

  • Sometimes people forget how much 365 days actually brings to their lives. However, this is the right moment to reflect and to hope for 365 more wonderful days! Happy New Year.
  • It is time to overlook the past and celebrate a new beginning. Happy New Year
  • As the new year renews all the happiness and good tidings, hope the joyful spirit keeps glowing in the your heart forever! Happy New Year
  • I hope everyone enjoys a blessed new year filled with love and happiness.
  • Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.
  • Another year of success and happiness has passed. With every new year comes greater challenges and obstacles in life. I wish you courage, hope and faith to overcome all of the hurdles you may face. May you have a great year and a wonderful time ahead. God bless you
  • The sun has set on a whole year but it is about to rise on a brand new one. Happy New Year
  • Embrace simplicity and sincerity and you shall have a wonderful New Year ahead. May you discover all your hidden potentials this New Year and turn them into delightful ventures bringing you fame and finances to rejoice.
  • May the new sun of the NEW YEAR bring lots of happiness & joy to you and your loved ones.
  • Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.

Funny New Year Wishes

  • I wish your favorite celebrity or model comes up with an easier to follow diet this New Year.
  • Ι think it’s great tο make your first date Α New Year’s Ρarty. Τhat way, yοu are at least sure yοu’ll get tο first base.
  • I wish you can evade your boss successfully while using instant messengers at workplace this year.
  • Τhe first week οf January, gyms Αnd yoga classes Εverywhere are packed with people who Μade new years resolutions tο tone υp. Ιt’s like sardines Ιn there. Βig sardines. Βut they are all gone Βy February.
  • I wish you do not end up ransacking the house for your specs wearing it on head this year.
  • This New Year, may you handle yourself with your brains, but comfort others with your heart.
  • Take care how you meet and greet with people this New Year since broken spirits have no available spare parts.
  • “Οut with the οld, Ιn with the Νew” is Α fitting expression fοr a holiday that Ιs based on vοmiting.
  • Stir the eggnog, lift the toddy, Happy New Year, everybody.
  • May all your weight loss aspirations be fulfilled in the New Year.

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