Shalimar Gardens Lahore


Lahore is famously referred to as town of gardens as you will note quite a few eye catching gardens on this historic metropolis. Among the gardens are newly constructed however the primary great thing about town is with its historic gardens that are nonetheless effectively maintained and provides a charismatic visible attraction to the guests. The historic Shalimar Backyard is one high vacationer attraction within the metropolis which has historic relevance. It’s also famously referred to as the ‘Shalamar Gardens’. The gardens are a part of the Mughal period which was accomplished in a report time of 1 yr in 1642. The credit score of the place goes to the then Emperor Shah Jahan who was recognized for his love for nature and building. This excessive collage of nature and constructional art work was achieved beneath the venture administration of Khalilullah Khan who was a famend noble of the Emperor’s court docket. Shalimar identify that means continues to be an unresolved thriller because the historians are but to substantiate that whether or not it got here from Arabic or the Persian origin. The place is positioned near Baghbanpura on the GT street which is within the northeast route at a distance of 5KM from town middle of Lahore.

Historical past:

The positioning of the historic Shalimar Gardens was the property of Arain Mian Household of Baghbanpura. Shah Jahan rewarded them with the ‘Mian’ royal title for its providers and contribution to the then Mughal Empire. The top of the household, Mian Muhammad Yusuf surrendered the property of to the Mughal Empire as he was pressurized by the Royal engineers. They have been enthusiastic about that exact location due to its supreme positioning and the standard of the soil. However, Shah Jahan as a return favor granted the Mian household with the governance of Shalimar Gardens. It remained beneath their governance for almost 350 years.

Area Marshal Ayub Khan nationalized the place within the yr 1962 as a result of the Arain Mian Household opposed him along with his Martial Legislation imposition within the nation. The vigorous competition of Mela Chiraghan was an yearly occasion till 1958when Area Marshal Basic Ayub ordered in opposition to it.


The structure of Shalimar is unimaginable with its rectangular parallelogram form which is roofed from all sides with a excessive brick wall. The wall is a horny sight to look at due to its beautiful intricate fretwork. The idea of the backyard was primarily based on Char Bhagh. The size of the backyard from north to south are 658 meters and from east to west are 258 meters which is a fairly huge space. UNESCO within the yr1981 included Shalimar Gardens in its World Heritage Website together with the Lahore Fort within the yr 1972 for its distinctive building and relevance with historical past of the period.

The Distinctive Terraces of the Backyard:

The backyard is a horny website primarily due to its distinctive Three-level terraces going from south to the north facet of the backyard. The terraces are at a peak of about 5 meters one above the opposite with a similar degree of distance. All the three terraces have their particular names that are given as follows:

  • The highest terrace which is on the highest elevation on the third degree is named ‘Farah Baksh’ in Urdu which accurately means ‘Bestower of Pleasure’ in English.
  • The mid degree backyard which is on the 2nd degree is named ‘Faiz Baksh’ which has the literal that means of ‘Bestower of Goodness’.
  • The decrease backyard which is on the lowest elevation at first degree is named ‘Hayat Baksh’ in Urdu which accurately means ‘Bestower of Life’.


The fountains of the Shalimar Gardens are the spotlight of the place which supplies a mesmerizing feeling when they’re all in full swing. Astonishingly, the backyard has as many as 410 canals that are powered from the close by canal. The water by means of the fountains discharges itself into the extremely superior white marble swimming pools. They’re effectively engineered at such previous time and all of the credit score for such an exceptional fountain system goes to the Royal Engineers and the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for arising with this masterpiece of labor. Their engineering was so good that even the modern engineers of at the moment discover it arduous to understand the related water system of the fountains even by referring the architectural blueprints of thermal engineering. The backyard space surrounding the fountain could be very cool due to the fountains flowing. It give the guests of the gardens a really soothing really feel significantly in blistering summer season season within the nation when temperatures might rise nearer to 50 levels. The distribution of the 410 fountains within the gardens goes as follows:

  • The higher terrace has a complete of 105 fountains.
  • The mid degree terrace comprises 152 fountains.
  • The decrease degree terrace has the best variety of fountains at 153.

Buildings of the gardens:

The Shalimar Gardens are usually not simply all about greenery and fountains however it additionally has a spread of buildings with beautiful structure which is value taking a look at. The buildings have been constructed for various functions that serve the Royal household and the guests of the time as effectively. The constructing constructions within the Shalimar Gardens embrace the next:

  • Sawan Bhadun Pavilion
  • Aiwan (The Grand Corridor)
  • Hammam (The Royal Bathtub)
  • Naqar Khana
  • Aramgah (The Resting Place)
  • Begum Sahib Khawabgah (Bed room of the Emperor’s spouse)
  • Diwan-e-Khas-o-Aam (Corridor for the strange and particular guests to the Emperor)
  • Baradaries (The summer season pavilions for having fun with close by fountain coolness)
  • 2 Gateways
  • Minarets located on the corners of the backyard

Within the current day, it’s moderately in good condition and it serves the residents of Lahore as probably the greatest place to go to. The guests to Lahore discover their tour to be incomplete in the event that they miss out in visiting the Shalimar Gardens. It is a wonderful place and many work wanted to be executed for its correct preservation and well timed upkeep work.



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