Wazir Khan Mosque


Wazir Khan Mosque

Pakistan being an Islamic state and having robust historic ties with the faith of Islam resulted in setting up quite a few mosques in each period within the area. Some mosques are so spectacular that you simply can not consider within the sheer brilliance of the architects and engineers who contributed within the development of these amazingly lovely mosques within the area. The Wazir Khan mosque is one wonderful piece of art work which is appreciated for its extremely superior faience tile work. It’s situated within the metropolis of Lahore and is famously known as because the ‘mole on cheek of Lahore’.


The mosque began constructing within the 12 months 1634 and was accomplished in 7 years in 1641. It was the period of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan however the credit goes to Hakim Sheikh Ansari who belonged to the city of Chiniot in Pakistan. Hakim Sheikh was the governor of Lahore and he additionally served as a doctor within the courtroom of Emperor Shah Jahan. Hakim Sheikh Ilm-ud-Din Ansari was his full title however he was popularly often known as Wazir Khan which was a title given to him by the ruler. Wazir in Urdu means ‘Minister’ and the mosque is known as after him. The Wazir Khan Mosque is situated in Inside Lahore which might be simply accessed by the Delhi Gate.

The mosque turned well-known and continues to be appreciated due to unbelievable Qashani tile work which was a specialty of the Mughal interval. Within the courtyards of mosque is the tomb of Syed Muhammad Ishaq, a famend saint who can also be popularly often known as Miran Badshah. He was a divine, who was extremely revered by the locals for his non secular preachings and noble persona obtained settled within the metropolis in the course of the Tughluq Dynasty interval. The tomb truly predates the Wazir Khan mosque which was constructed a lot later.

The Minarets of the Mosque:

Essentially the most distinguished and notable characteristic of the structure of Wazir Khan Mosque is its Minarets in any respect the four corners. It was the primary time that any mosque in Lahore had such a design. The big Badshahi Mosque with comparable Minarets in Lahore was constructed a lot later in 1673 by Emperor Aurangzeb, who was son of Shah Jahan. The prayer corridor of the mosque has 5-bay motif (one-aisle) which was established within the metropolis a technology earlier on the well-known Maryam Zamani Mosque for the primary time. Nearly all of the development of the mosque was achieved utilizing the dressed bricks that are embellished with the glazed tile mosaics.

Retailers within the Floor Plan:

One other nice and notable characteristic of Wazir Khan Mosque is the incorporation of as many as 22 outlets within the floor plan. The outlets are superbly designed at both facet of the doorway having a brick-paved passage going proper in between the outlets located at each side. This business space is nicely prolonged and it reaches Wazir Khan Chowk (Sq.) which nonetheless is probably the most vibrant and vigorous business space of the town of Lahore.


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